Dial 911 in an emergency

Animal Control

Hours of Operation and Contact

The Animal Control Officer is on duty Monday-Friday from 7:00AM-10:00PM and on weekends from 8:00AM-4PM. After hours an Assistant Animal Control Officer may be available for call in.

The Animal Control Facility is located on Bogue Rd, near the town line.   Get Directions.

Contact number is 860-485-9165. After hours and on weekends call Litchfield County Dispatch at 860-489-2008


  • Responding to complaints involving animals or animal cruelty.
  • Responding to complaints of nuisance or roaming animals.
  • Enforcing State Statutes and City Ordinances in regards to animals and animal control.
  • Redeeming found or seized animals to their owners.
  • Arranging for the adoption of found or abandoned animals that have not been claimed.
  • Removal of deceased animals.

Regarding Wildlife

Except for suspected rabid animal complaints, the Animal Control Officer normally responds only to incidents involving domesticated animals. Although every complaint is evaluated on a case by case basis, many times a wildlife rehabilitator or animal removal service may be a more appropriate course of action.


Redeeming Dogs Found or Seized

Dogs that were found or seized may be redeemed to their rightful owners during business hours. After hours and on weekends redemption is by appointment only. An Assistant Animal Control Officer is available for redemption from 5:00PM-10:00PM during the week and from 09:00AM-Noon on weekends. To redeem an animal after hours or on weekends, call Litchfield County Dispatch at 860-489-2008 ,we will then contact an Assistant Animal Control Officer who will then contact you.

NOTE: No dogs will be redeemed without proof of licensure and immunization.

Adoption of Animals

Anyone wishing to adopt an animal in the custody of the Animal Control Officer must make an appointment during business hours only.

We have many cats and dogs that we have that would love a new home.  Please contact the Torrington Animal Control Officer for more information.  Photos and descriptions of our pets that are available for adoption will be made available soon.  

Pets are adopted on a first come first served basis.

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