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Information for Parents

What are the age requirements?

We accept applicants between the ages of 14 and 20 years old.

What will my Child be doing?

Your child will be participating in a program that is both fun and educational. The exploring program instills core values in your child such as honesty, loyalty, and personal integrity while at the same time teaching them about the fun and exciting career they could have in Law Enforcement.

Does My Child Have to Become a Police Officer?

No, your child is more than welcome to join our program even if they have no desire to enter the field of Criminal Justice.

Will My Child be Permitted to Carry a Gun?

No, Explorers are NEVER permitted to carry any type of firearm, baton, or pepper spray like device while in the post.
However, the post will periodically visit gun ranges and receive gun safety and usage training from certified firearms instructors.
Each Explorer may be issued a gun holster from the post for training purposes ONLY. This holster will be used only during training and NEVER worn outside of explorer functions.

Will My Child Have the Authority to Arrest People?

No, Explorers DO NOT have the authority to arrest anyone. However, Explorers may be required to have a pair of handcuffs for training purposes; these may be issued by the post or purchased by the explorer.
These handcuffs are for training purposes ONLY and should never be worn outside of explorer functions.

Where do I Purchase Equipment for my Child?

You may purchase equipment for your explorer by contacting the Post Advisor(s) for assistance.

Do I Have to Purchase All of My Child's Uniforms and Equipment?

No, the post will provide all of your child's uniform needs EXCEPT the following: A pair of black boots, a Duty Belt, black shoes, flashlight, undergarments, and personal items.

The post will provide your child with other necessary equipment. If the explorer has a situation preventing them from being able to purchase them on their own, the post will work to assist the explorer and their family.

However, because we are a not for profit organization we ask that if at all possible you purchase as much of your own equipment as possible. If you have a situation that requires further assistance please contact an Police Explorer Advisor and let us know.

How much does it cost?

Excluding the purchasing of equipment and uniforms; the post requires a non-refundable $150.00 annual membership fee to cover the costs of initial registration and insurance. The post also asks for some cost sharing throughout the year for traveling to competitions, the explorer academy and any social activities. The post often tries to cover half the cost of the event. Two installment payments of $75.00 can be made. The first payment is due by the first of January and July for each year your child is a member of the Torrington Police Explorers. If you require financial assistance to pay please contact us.

What is the Time Commitment For My Child?

The Post will meet every Wednesday night at the Torrington Police Department in from 6:30 P.M. until 8:30 P.M.
The post will also regularly have details and competitions that will take other days such as the weekend.
Please be aware that this is a huge time commitment and that the post requires 75% attendance to all post functions.