Special Response Team (SRT)

The concept of adopting a special response team at the Torrington Police Department began in 1998. Several months of planning, organization, and budgetary commitments enabled the Special  Response Team (SRT) to become a reality in 1999.

Since this time the team has responded to numerous incidents, has been responsible for multiple apprehensions, and has seized a large quantity of weapons and assorted illegal drugs. Our apprehensions have included arrests for murder, and numerous arrests for narcotics possession and trafficking. Our Crisis Negotiators have successfully resolved a number of incidents in which despondent individuals have threatened to take their lives, including one involving a teenager who had intentions of a "suicide by cop." 

The team make-up consists of a commander, an executive officer, three team leaders, two marksmen, four crisis negotiators, and eleven operators. Several members serve dual roles. SRT members train consistently as a team eight hours per month; marksmen and crisis negotiators at times train an additional eight hours per month. The team has developed and implemented response plans for local government buildings, including most of the public schools.

Our equipment consists of an equipped response vehicle, special weapons, and crisis/hostage negotiation equipment..