Traffic Unit

The Traffic Unit is responsible for erecting all traffic signs throughout the City of Torrington, conducting traffic surveys and issuing parking tickets. The traffic unit also coordinates all extra duty officers.

  • Hours:  Mon - Fri 7:00am to 3:00pm
  • Telephone: (860) 489-2018 or (860) 489-2019
  • Fax: (860) 489-2062


The Traffic Unit processes parking tickets, ticket payments and parking meter revenues, conducts sign and marking installations, upgrades and repairs, installs, repairs and conducts preventive maintenance on all traffic signals and devices owned by the City of Torrington, conducts parking meter installation, meter and parking facility maintenance and parking meter revenue collections and conducts enforcement of parking ordinances and meter violations.

The Traffic Unit reviews and surveys all matters concerning new developments, traffic impacts, new roadways and building renovation projects, working closely with the local Planning and Zoning Commission, Public Works Department and Engineering Department regarding all roadway safety issues and design improvements.

The Traffic Unit coordinates enforcement activities based upon public complaints and a review of accident data showing need for selective or focused traffic enforcement and also conducts traffic enforcement and commercial vehicle enforcement duties as needed

The Traffic Unit is responsible for investigating traffic related complaints from citizens, public officials and patrol officers in regards to parking issues, speeding complaints, traffic sign or device requests and other related problems. The Chief of Police is the designated legal traffic authority for the City Of Torrington and has authority over all matters that concern parking and traffic issues as they arise.

The Traffic Unit schedules and coordinates all extra duty work officer assignments with private contractors performing construction work or special events within the City.

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