Chief William Baldwin Jr.Chief William Baldwin Jr.

It gives me great pleasure to re-introduce to you our new Torrington Police Department web site. I want to first thank Lieutenant Brett Johnson, my social media supervisor, for the painstaking hard work that he has done to revamp and make our website more user friendly and more aesthetically pleasing. I commend Lieutenant Johnson for a job well done!!  Our new Torrington Police web page is loaded with a lot of information and several links to many other important organizations that can be beneficial to you. The Torrington Police Department is committed to a continued interaction with our community as we move forward in an age of electronic and social media platforms. Our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts are also another avenue in which you will on occasion receive updated and real-time information that can be beneficial to our community. We are also continuing to look at other social media platforms that I think you will find beneficial and interesting as well as user friendly to receive information that can affect you, your family and our community.  I look forward to your comments concerning our new web page and encourage you to provide ideas as to how we may be able to improve our site and add additional links or information that you feel would be beneficial to all. I encourage you to browse the various links on our web site and check back often to look at the chief’s corner tab where I will provide information that you may find useful. Thank you again to the Torrington community that continues to support our efforts in providing the best public safety services we can offer.


Bill Baldwin

Chief of Police